Relax and Tan    Suntanning Salons


3 EURO VHR $45.00 plus 10% tan tax


7 visits - regular beds only $42.00
plus 10% tan tax


VIP Unlimited use of all regular

tanning beds only $44.00 per month

w/VIP Auto-debit Program
plus 10% tan tax


One Month Unlimited use of all regular

tanning beds or 3 Mystic Spray Tans

-NOW ONLY $59.00 per month



Introducing the flexibility and convenience of the VIP Auto-debit Program

Discounted rate when taken directly from your credit card or checking account for added convenience, as well as additional savings on all tanning lotions and accessories!

Plus an additional 10% off on all lotions and accessory items any time you visit!


Lake Forest
21731 Lake Forest Drive, suite 101